Friday, January 4, 2013

Five major trends in Mobile for 2013

Mobile continues to be the key focus area of growth in the ecosystem around us. The growing internet traffic from various mobile devices had forced all business consultants to focus on mobile as a major channel for delivery of services and reach-out to their existing & prospective consumers.

Enterprises mobility is no more restricted to email/exchange but are now focusing on mobility of their workforce and empowering it with mobile apps which can help them with quick response and faster decision making.

High end dual/quad core processors are getting popular on mobile/tablets, which allows for more complex applications to be developed for the diversified set of mobile device platforms starting now from iOS, Android to WP8 and BB10.

Five major trends that I can predict for 2013 and you all will see are:
  1. Enterprises to adopt hybrid app development strategy
  2. Test Automation focus on Mobile application testing 
  3. Customization of Android Tablets in various Industry verticals
  4. WP8 & BB10 will start showing their presence in consumer & Enterprise space
  5. BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Stay tuned for more details on each of these above….

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